On Kosrae, showing respect is of utmost importance and is shown differently than may be encountered outside of Kosrae. Asking permission to do something, whether a visit to a site or a beach, speaking Kosraean, and not working on Sunday demonstrates utmost respect. For example, Sunday is a day of rest. Kosraeans kindly reinforce no work of any kind on Sunday, including hiking and diving. Perhaps consider attending a Kosraean church in the morning and hear the lovely hymns Kosraeans created and try Kosraean soup or having a relaxing meal at the historic and famous Bully’s Restaurant located on the mangrove channel at Pacific Treelodge Resort or at Nautilus Resort’s restaurant!

As Kosraean is the dominant language, it is important to learn some key phrases prior to arrival. The Pacific Treelodge Resort and Nautilus Resort on island are happy to assist in securing visiting Kosrae’s beauty, natural and cultural!

There are two sets of island hopper flights twice per week. On Mondays and Fridays, United Airlines flight 155 departs Guam Airport (GUM) at 8:20am, with a stop in Chuuk (30 minutes) and Pohnpei (30 minutes) prior to the final stop on Kosrae Airport (KSA) at 1:30pm. On Tuesdays and Saturdays, United Airlines 154 departs Honolulu Airport (HNL) at 7:25am, with two stops in the Marshall Islands (Majuro 45 minutes and Kwajalein 39 minutes), arriving in Kosrae Airport (KSA) at 1:12pm.

Photography by Nautilus Resort, Kosrae, FSM

There are three main hotels in Kosrae: the Pacific Treelodge Resort, the Nautilus Resort, and the Asco Hotel.

The Pacific Treelodge Resort and Micronesia Eco Divers hosts 12 rooms. Their single occupancy rooms are $95/night and double occupancy rooms are $115/night. These prices do not include 5% tax. They host a wide range of activities from Micronesia Eco divers diving to hiking! Contact information–Phone: +691-370-7856 or

The Nautilus Resort hosts 18 rooms. Their single occupancy rooms are $119/night and double occupancy rooms are $134/night. These prices do not include 5% tax. Also, they host diving and other activities. Contact information–Phone: +691-370-3567 and

There are four main car rental companies on Kosrae ranging from $35/day for a car to $60/day for an SUV. Be sure to call and make a reservation. Feel free to contact the ones listed below:

KNS Car Rental: +691-370-2283
Billy Palik Car Rental: +691-370-2863
KFLIX Car Rental: +691-370-8036
Stuny Taulung: +691-370-2216
Pacific Treelodge Resort: +691-370-7856

Kosrae offers a land of many adventures–from the ocean to the peaks, there’s an adventure to be had scuba diving, surfing, paddleboarding or kayaking through the mangroves or in the lagoon, hiking past ancient ruins on cultural trails, and summiting peaks!

Join our office for a cultural and scenic hike past ruins and plants for many uses, including water! Also, visit Kosrae’s Historic Preservation Office and Museum, open 8am-3pm Monday through Thursday and Friday it closes at 2:30pm.

Scuba dive our shipwrecks and plane wrecks in Lelu Harbor or pristine reefs in Walung, Utwe, Okat, and Hiroshi point! Check out our dive operators: Pacific Treelodge Resort’s Micronesia Eco Divers and Nautilus Resort’s diving.