Ethnographic Training

Welcome to Kosrae Historic’s ethnographic training program, available annually and when professional anthropologist on staff.

The Historic unit of KIRMA and U.S. National Park Service are proud to offer ethnography training from 28 August to 1 September, 2017. This training  explores the uses of oral histories in historic preservation and emphasizes their importance in community, culture, and identity! Ethnography refers to the scientific description of the customs of people and cultures. It will be conducted by Kosrae’s Cultural Anthropologist, Ashley Meredith and guest anthropologist Dr. Rufino Mauricio from Pohnpei! If you are interested to attend, please call 370-3078. Refer to the schedule below:
Monday, August 28: 10a-2p, Introduction to ethnography, ethnographic research, methods, and data collection; select oral history topic
Tuesday, August 29: 10a-2p, discuss and research oral history topic selected
Wednesday, August 30: 10-11a and 1-2p, Plan an oral history project; From 11-12 there will be a talk on “The Economics of Heritage Preservaton.” Everyone is encouraged to attend.
Thursday, August 31: 12-2p, oral history collection with elders
Friday, September 1: 10a-2p, oral history collection with elders
For any questions, feel free to call 370-3078 or message on Facebook. Kulo ma lulap!