Historic and cultural sites of Kosrae host many stakeholders. As much of the land is private, many sites reside on private land. Historic sites on Kosrae can be divided into two main categories, terrestrial (land) and underwater, while cultural sites can be both terrestrial and underwater.

Image created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2009

To visit most sites, contact with the landowners must be secured prior to visiting the sites. This can be achieved by communicating with the landowners themselves, by a designated tour guide, or contact Kosrae HPO at least 2 weeks prior to arrival with questions. In most cases, visits to historic sites have an entry fee set by landowners. This fee is nominal and used by the landowners to clean and maintain the site for visitation. Please view the map above to identify the municipality and site of interest.

For visitors interested in conducting research on these sites, permits must be obtained by both the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) Historic Preservation Office and the Kosrae Island Resource Management Authority (KIRMA). Waiver of the permit fee does not exclude researchers from following the protocol set forth in Kosrae State and FSM legislation.