Carl Hupp Collection

Mr. Hupp visited Kosrae HPO in Fall of 2017. With him he brought digitized photos he’d taken while living on Kosrae during the Trust Territories of the Pacific Islands. The photos were taken during his stay on what was then called Kusaie, an island that was part of the US Trust Territory of the Pacific at the time. The time frame was December of 1965 to December 1966.  Mr. Hupp was a generator mechanic for a US army map service satellite tracking station.  The station was part of a world wide geodetic survey, and set up in the school yard of the Malem grade school.  The pictures were to show the folks back home the work he did, the people he met, and the surroundings in which he found himself.  As a 22 year old GI outside of the USA for the first time in his life, the pictures have turned into a hard copy of memories he wants to keep and share with Kosrae. Mr. Hupp graciously donated his photography, some enhanced with color, in hopes of sharing with the communities of Kosrae. Kulo ma lulap, Carl!